Think you know about nutrition? And no, we don’t mean reading the label on the can of Pringles or ordering a half-caf, non-fat, no-whip, splenda-sweetened latte from Starbs. Proper nutrition and training go hand in hand. Don’t sabotage your wods with bad fuel. Come to Feed the Machine: Nourishing Your Inner Athlete during Open Gym on Sunday 2/16 and get to know yourself on a cellular level. (P.S. There’ll be FREE samples of good-food examples! Tell your friends!)


Aero Athletics Warm-up



5×5 Squat at 50% of Wendler Max



4 minute AMRAP

7 Thrusters 100/65#
7 T2B

Rest 2

4 Minute AMRAP

10 Deadlift 120/85#
20 Double Unders


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