**WEATHER UPDATE: In a preemptive strike against the predicted overnight snow, the 530, 630, & 730am classes are CANCELED. 915 ONLY tomorrow morning. But PLEASE check the site before coming to class, because if it’s an ice field out there, we may have to cancel ALL morning classes. PLEASE BE SAFE! We love you! 🙂

**UPDATE: 915 is on!! So are afternoon classes!! Come wod!!


Think you know about nutrition? And no, we don’t mean reading the label on the can of Pringles or ordering a half-caf, non-fat, no-whip, splenda-sweetened latte from Starbs. Proper nutrition and training go hand in hand. Don’t sabotage your wods with bad fuel. Come to Feed the Machine: Nourishing Your Inner Athlete during Open Gym on Sunday 2/16 and get to know yourself on a cellular level. (P.S. There’ll be FREE samples of good-food examples! Tell your friends!)

Aero Athletics Warm-up



Press 5×5 at 50% of Wendler Max



EMOM 20 minutes
Even: 2 MU or Negative pullups & 1 Front Squat @ 155/105#
Odd: 2 HSPU & 1 Front Squat @ 155/105#


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