The  CrossFit Games Open has begun! We will be programming 14.1 for this Saturday’s 930am wod. Coach Erick will go over the movements and strategy, and those registered will be assigned a judge. If you can’t make it on Saturday, please let LizO or Rob know, and we can schedule you for Open Gym time. 

GROUP OUTING THIS SATURDAY March 1, 8pm at Shannon Rose in Ramsey (Rt. 17), right down the street from the box. Let’s celebrate all our PRs over the past months and kick off the Open together. Hope to see you there — cheers!

Aero Oly Warm-up (Snatch)

2 Snatch Deadlift

2  High Hang Snatch

2 Snatch Balance


2 Sots Press/Klokov Press



Snatch 5X2 @ 80% 2X2 @ 85%



6 Sets of:

250m Partner row @ 80% effort

Rest while partner works


*Not a member and wondering if CrossFit is for you? Come take a FREE trial class, offered every Saturday at 930am!*


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