The first Open wod of 2014 is over and done — great job to all! And congrats to those who accomplished their very first double unders during 14.1! We love watching you guys get stronger and do awesome things. Let’s keep up the great energy going into 14.2. We’ll be watching the wod announcement and competitor face-off live on the big screen at the box this Thursday at 8pm — please come join us!

NOTE: Be on the lookout for information about signing up for heat times in Wodify later this week. And please feel free to bring friends and family members for support when you wod this weekend! #highfivesallaround

Aero Oly Warm-up (Snatch):

2 Snatch Deadlift

2  High Hang Snatch

2 Snatch Balance


2 Sots Press/Klokov Press



Snatch 7×2 @ 85%



4 rounds for time:

8 Power Snatch 95/65#
10 Pull-ups
30 DU

Rest 60 seconds


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