We’ll be watching the LIVE wod announcement for 14.2 and face-off between Talayna Fortunado and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet on the big screen at the box TODAY at 8pm — please come join us! Also, be on the lookout for information about signing up for Open heat times in Wodify later this week. Please feel free to bring friends and family members for support when you wod this weekend! #highfivesallaround

Aero Oly Warm-up (Clean)

2 Clean Deadlift
2 High Hang Clean
2 Rack Delivery
2 Front Squat
2 Push-jerk



Clean 7×2 @ 85%



20-minute EMOM

Even: 2 Power Clean @ 80% 1RM
Odd: 5 Box Jump 30/24″


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