The gym will open at 830am today. Come early to get warm and get psyched!

Heats will start at 9am, after we go over the movements in the wod and strategy involved. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR HEATS IN WODIFY. All athletes, registered or not, must be at the gym at 9am, and we will assign you all heats. You are also welcome to bring friends and family for your own personal cheering section. Let’s keep the amazing energy going and show support for our community!

NOTE: You can log into wodify and check out today’s wod for warm-up movements, game plan breakdown, and tips on how to best fuel for the work you’ll need to do. Coach Erick has laid out a comprehensive plan — take advantage of this info!

Oly class is still on and will start after all Open heats have finished.

If you cannot make today’s Open wod, you may come at 10am on Sunday. If you can’t make it on either day, or if you have other questions, please email [email protected]

Remember, this is a learning experience. You aren’t competing against anyone but yourself. Do your best and HAVE FUN! You will come out stronger — promise! Good luck to all!

CrossFit Games Open Workout 14.3

8 minute AMRAP:

10 deadlifts, 135 / 95 lb.
15 box jumps, 24 / 20 inch
15 deadlifts, 185 / 135 lb.
15 box jumps, 24 / 20 inch
20 deadlifts, 225 / 155 lb.
15 box jumps, 24 / 20 inch
25 deadlifts, 275 / 185 lb.
15 box jumps, 24 / 20 inch
30 deadlifts, 315 / 205 lb.
15 box jumps, 24 / 20 inch
35 deadlifts, 365 / 225 lb.
15 box jumps, 24 / 20 inch



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