14.3 is in the books — and that means there’s only two Open workouts left! Everyone looked strong this weekend and maintained excellent form — kudos to our coaches for keeping everyone safe with step-ups and weight belts. Your posterior chains, though exhausted, should still be intact. Some of you PR’d your deadlift, whether by weight or by reps, and others of you got farther than you thought possible. These past few weekends have been so much fun because of the effort you guys give to the wods and the support you give to one another. Now let’s all have a great week and get ready for 14.4 — burpees are coming!!



Snatch 5X2 @ 75% 2X2 @ 80%



3 Rounds of:

10 Power Snatch 95/65#
10 Burpees

Rest 60


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