The 2014 CrossFit Games Open is officially closed! Congrats to all for rising to the challenge of each workout — for most of you, this was your very first Open, and we know how daunting it can be. We’re so proud of everyone for putting themselves out there and experiencing the lessons of being uncomfortable. We laughed, we cried, we nervous-peed our pants. But we got through it stronger together. And now we’re excited to move into a new phase of programming to work those weaknesses and make us all healthier people and better athletes. Check your email if you haven’t already for Coach Erick’s video explaining what to expect from the programming at Aero Athletics CrossFit Mahwah. And thank you for choosing us to be your partner in training. We look forward to watching each of you achieve great things in the next year. Bring on the 2015 Open (okay, maybe not just yet, but we’re definitely excited)!



5 Sets of:

Halting Clean Deadlift (at knee)+ 1 High Hang clean + 1 Jerk @ 65%



EMOM 10 Minutes

2 Touch-and-go Hang Power Clean @ 70%
3 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups


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