Did you enjoy the Open and want another taste of competition, CrossFit-style? Then sign up for The Last Team Standing throwdown and BBQ hosted by CrossFit 201 in Franklin Lakes! This is a two-person team event with Rx and scaled divisions. Details can be found here. The price of registration includes a t-shirt and food at the BBQ. Let’s bring our community support to a different box and show them what our Aero energy is all about!

If you sign up, please let us know so we can come support you! If you have any questions, please contact Liz at [email protected]



Wendler 3 x 3+ Bench Press

Close-Grip Bench Press
1×3 @ 80%
1×3 @ 85%
1×3+ @ 90%

*All percentages based on Wendler Max.

**Last set is for max reps.



10 minutes to complete superset:

3×8 Bent over row
3×5 HSPU negative 4 secs down/reset

*Movements can be scaled.



Partner Row/Airdyne:

12 Rounds
30s working
30s rest

Rest 6 Minutes

Another 12 Rounds
30s working
30s rest



*Not a member and wondering if CrossFit is for you? Come take a FREE trial class! Email [email protected] for details.*

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