The SteelFit Qualifiers are this Saturday in Morristown! We are sending two athletes: Coach Mike and Kristina R. All are invited to go spectate and cheer them on — Coaches Joe and JV will be there bright and early (JV will also have a tent set up). For those who haven’t experienced competitions before, we suggest you bring a chair and snacks — the more, the better! And don’t forget to wear your Aero shirts!


Deload Bench Press
3×5 at 50%



10 minutes to complete:

3×3 weighted negative pull-ups 30×0 tempo
3×5 ring support/negative lower into support/tempo ring dip 30×0



For 6 rounds with a partner perform the following:

8 Burpees as fast as possible
25s Row/Airdyne


***100% effort



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