Great job to Coach Mike and Kristina who competed at the SteelFit Championships qualifiers in Morristown this weekend. Congrats to Kristina for placing third in the women’s scaled division, earning her a spot at the Championships at Jenkinsons in June! Pretty rad! And thanks to all who came out to support these awesome athletes. The Aero community is a special thing. 🙂


BOX BBQ next Sunday, 5/18 (after Open Gym)!! Come enjoy sunshine and good times with us — and bring your favorite dish (we’ll provide the meat)! Note: This potluck does NOT have to be paleo! Let us know you’ll be coming and what you’ll bring on the sign-up sheet at the box. Cheers!


Weightlifting: Fitness Tier

Back Squat (3×5 @ 30×0 Tempo)

Weightlifting: Performance and Competition Tier

Back Squat (3×5+)
Last set is for Max Reps


10 minutes to complete:3×4 Negative HSPU lower/Tempo HSPU/Defecit HSPU
3×6 Pendlay row

Metcon: Fitness Tier

10-minute EMOM:4 Back rack Lunges (2 a leg)
3 Push Press (same weight as your lunges) (if good form 3 squat clean thrusters @ 75/45, no push press)
5 HRPU (If can’t full plank, go from knees)
**Note: if you can’t comfortably do a lunge with barbell on back please use dumbbells or KB and do suitcase. Use these for your push press as well

Metcon: Performance Tier

10-minute EMOM:3 squat clean Thrusters 95/65#

Metcon: Competition Tier

10-minute EMOM:
3 Squat Clean Thrusters 135/95#
7 Ring Dips


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