BOX BBQ next Sunday, 5/18 (after Open Gym)!! Come enjoy sunshine and good times with us — and bring your favorite dish (we’ll provide the meat)! Note: This potluck does NOT have to be paleo! Let us know you’ll be coming and what you’ll bring on the sign-up sheet at the box. Cheers!


Weightlifting: Bench Press

Fitness Tier:

3×5 @ 20×1 Tempo


Performance & Competition:

Wendler 3×5+
1×5 @ 75%
1×5 @ 80%
1×5+ @ 85%



Fitness & Performance:

5 rounds of:

1 Minute Row
1 Minute Burpees to a Plate
1 Minute Double Unders

Rest 3 Minutes


Competition Tier:

5 rounds of:

1 Min Row/Airdyne
1 Min Burpees to a plate
30s Double Under Unbroken
30s Wall Ball 20/14 Unbroken

Rest 3 Minutes

*Wall balls must be done unbroken for duration of 30s as well as DU.


(Single Unders for Fitness)

***90% effort work
*** try to keep all splits +/- 6 reps
***If you cannot do double unders do double/single/double transitions

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