Merch! Merch! Merch!

Want to be a double under master? Get your own rope! Buying a quality rope that is appropriately sized is the key to performing flawless DUs — well that, and plenty of practice! We’re building an order for Rx Jump Ropes — and the more orders the merrier! We have 14 people signed up now, which qualifies us for the first level discount, but if we get just a few more on board, we get an even BIGGER discount! Don’t miss out on the chance to take your DU game to the next level! Sign-up sheet is next to the Wodify kiosk, along with sizing and color options. NOTE: Please choose the size for your actual height. If you are in between sizes or are in doubt, always size UP. It is better to have a little more length than not enough rope!

Shorts samples are in! Ladies, there are three styles available to you, with varying degrees of coverage. Men, sorry, just one style for you. You’ll have to use the short-shorts from your own collection. 😉 Please check out what’s available and sign up if you’re interested. We will be placing a very limited order for those who want them only. Price will be around $35. Red Phoenix logo on front thigh. Sign-up sheet is also next to the Wodify kiosk.

The lightweight sweatshirts (heathered red with a black Phoenix logo) have been ordered and should be on their way soon. Thank you!

Click for the WOD.


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