CrossFit 101

New To CrossFit?



New to CrossFit
and it’s methodology? Stress NOT!!  “Fundamentals” is the key component to your success and long term results with CrossFit. We will cover injury prevention, fundamental movements, concepts and philosophies of CrossFit. Ensuring you a successful transition into our CrossFit group classes and family community. The series consists of six classes taught in a small group setting. Each Fundamentals class contains a short workout to solidify what you have been taught by your coach.

Be Inspired!

What's in it for You?

  1. 4 Personalized coaching Classes (1-5 People)
  2. Cover the Primary movements found in our Classes.
    • (air squat, front squat, overhead squat; shoulder press, push press, push jerk; deadlift, med ball clean, sumo deadlift high pull; and hang power clean, hang power snatch), ensuring you’ll know how to perform them safely and to the best of your ability.
    • If you are new to CrossFit Fundamentals is essential to your success. Keeping you safe is our #1 Priority!

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