Looking for a new CrossFit family in Mahwah? There’s no better place than CrossFit Mahwah. We are all about taking our athletes to the next level of training and we’ve got the experience and tools to make that happen. All we’re missing is you!

  • gym, olympic lifting, fitness club, athletic club, health club
  • gym, olympic lifting, fitness club, athletic club, health club, crossfit
  • gym, olympic lifting, fitness club, athletic club, health club, crossfit


Come in for your FREE intro session and see why you’re going to love training at CrossFit Mahwah. Tour our facility, meet our coaches, chat with our members, and find out for yourself what our fitness community is all about.

During your FREE intro session, you will get:

- A baseline fitness assessment

- A summary of our unique training methods and class options

- A tour of our incredible facility

- Information, specific to you, on how to transform your health, lifestyle, and fitness in record time

- So much more!


Just fill out the form and someone from our team will get in touch shortly to discuss the best time for you to come in. Have a few questions first? We’re happy to answer anything you throw our way. We look forward to meeting you!

Special Offer: Save 25% on your first month by getting in touch before the end of the month!
We limit class sizes! This offer is only available to the next 11 members so get in touch soon to save your spot.


About Crossfit Mahwah

Our Mission at CrossFit Mahwah is to build a happy, strong and friendly Community through Fitness.”


Denise Miccoli - Owner
Crossfit Level 1, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
dee barbell

Denise is a champion for fitness, an advocate for healthy living and has been personal training for more than 13 years before starting CrossFit. She loves helping people in many ways, she has found the positive impact that she can make through fitness can touch peoples lives in so many ways. She loves the community that CrossFit creates, a sense of belonging for many. Seeing her members succeed is what drives her to become the best Owner, Coach and Mom and Wife she can be.

Annie Cassell
Bar Muscle Up (2)CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Athletics and fitness have always been a significant part of my life. It started young with my high school basketball days and continued through college when I prioritized everything from boot camp to kickboxing. When I started my career in public accounting, I realized I needed something more outside the office place to keep me sane and that’s when CrossFit became a big part of my life. The irony was that this seemingly insane training is what was going to keep me level-headed. Exercise is something I enjoy—it’s not a task on the to-do list that I have to force myself to do. The health benefits are just an added benefit of doing this thing I love. My goal as a coach is to help individuals realize that fitness is fun and can be something they look forward to daily. With CrossFit as the means, I hope to motivate each individual that enters our community to identify something that once seemed impossible, manifest the possibility of achieving it and ultimately celebrate with them in their success."

Steve Antoine
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Brand X Method Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist

image1I wasn't always into health, fitness and CrossFit, I wasn't always into sports as I had to be dragged into training sessions and forced to perform. I was severely overweight my whole life; I was a 10­lb newborn, 60­lb 1 year old, 180­lb 9 years old 200+ preteen, 250+ teen and as an adult my heaviest was 320­lbs. I had the worst nutrition and ate until I couldn't stand at times. One of my biggest turning points and the catalyst was after my daughter Siena was born. I remember trying to get off the couch with this little baby and I couldn't find the breath or strength to do it. I was 24 years old clear over 300 pounds and I couldn't get off the couch with my daughter!? I literally had to pass her off to my now wife Valerie stand up then take her back in my arms, I was breathing heavy and slightly sweating from simply standing up I decided things were going to change so I got serious about my health, I had a degree in communications with TV and radio broadcasting, but went back to school for massage therapy with my wife holding a doctorate in physical therapy; we thought it be fun to be able to work together.

While in school for MT I found some CrossFit footage on Youtube looking for exercise tips. This started a spark which became the fire that still burns in my heart now. I'm very passionate about health, fitness and the way CrossFit prescribes them both. I determined to get in shape and pursue CrossFit inside of a year I dropped 100 pounds and became motivated not only to improve myself but be a motivator of others to do the same. Now my passion for doing WOD's and workouts leads me to a passion for coaching and watching others improve whether it be with the olympic lifts, gymnastics, improving on a benchmark workout or even losing or gaining weight.

Check Out Our Schedule


Monday – Friday:

5:30AM – CrossFit
6:30AM – CrossFit
7:30AM – Open Gym
7:30AM – Fundamentals by appointment (Mon, Wed, Fri)
9:15AM – CrossFit

5:30PM – CrossFit
6:30PM – CrossFit
7:30PM – CrossFit
7:30PM – Fundamentals by appointment (Mon, Wed, Fri)




9:00AM – CrossFit
10:00AM – Noon: Open Gym
10:00AM – Fundamentals by appointment




10:00AM – Noon: Open Gym
10:00AM – Fundamentals by appointment


Learn More About CrossFit

CrossFit is a type of fitness that focuses on strength, agility, balance, and more.

You will see elements of olympic lifting, barbell clubs, general health clubs, and the standard gym when you join a CrossFit. The focus is all-around health and fitness. You learn how to fuel your body properly by eating right, how to exercise safely, and how to crush your goals. It's not easy to do alone, but with the group of athletes at your gym, you'll be surprised how quickly you adapt to a healthier, fitter, and as a result, happier lifestyle.

You might find crossfit athletes using phrases such as box, WOD, amrap, PR, and a few others. Let's go over the basics:

Box: A gym.

WOD: Workout of the day. This is a series of exercises that are posts on your gym's page every day for you to do at home, or at the gym when you go in for class.

AMRAP: As many reps as possible.

PR: Personal record.

Not too bad, right? After a week you'll be using these acronyms without thinking.

You'll have other questions, but for now let's stick with that. Just stop by our gym (box) and see what you think.