We are sad to announce that Farmers’ Market Sundays, planned to start THIS Sunday and go through May, have been canceled. We apologize for the inconvenience of this last-minute cancelation, but the guidelines set by the Mahwah Health Department have turned off mostly all of the vendors and have put us in a difficult position to continue. They are holding the vendors to the same requirements as supermarkets, which is not practical or justified for what these small businesses and farmers do (it should be noted that ALL of the participating vendors are regulars at the reputable Ramsey Farmers Market, as well as other local markets). We were really hoping to fill this need for our community, as Mahwah is one of the only towns in the area currently without a market. One of the Health Department representatives we spoke with compared the market to a carnival, and another admitted they had never been to a farmers’ market before. This shows a lack of understanding how vital these businesses are to the local economy, as well as to the health of the area’s citizens. Eating locally grown and prepared foods, and supporting local small businesses is what helps communities — and the families behind the businesses — thrive.

If you are as upset as we are, we encourage you to contact the Health Department to let them know they should make it easier for these vendors be a part of the community. Contact Diane Holmer at the Mahwah Health Dept., 475 Corporate Drive Mahwah, NJ 07430; email, [email protected] ; phone: 201-529-5757 ext. 286.

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