Power Clean+Hang PC+Front Squat (3-3-3)
1 Warm Up Set
3 Sets of 3 Cycles
Do NOT put bar down until complete all 3 reps" TOUCH AND GO
2-3 min rest between sets
Light to Heavy
Cycling and Grip Strength
5 Min
3 Rounds
Row 75m
4 Wall Balls
1 Push Jerk (Work up to weight for WOD)**

**Last round at weight for WOD
"WOD" Workout Of The Day
3 Rounds
5 Minutes Per round to Complete the following
Row Fitness 400m, Rx & Rx+ 500m
10 Wall ball Rx 20/14 Rx+ 11'/10' Target
5 Push Jerk Rx 135/95 Rx+ 155/105

Push Jerk- Unbroken (Do not put Bar down for the 5 Reps)
Finish each round Faster than the last

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