Get ready for "Kids Fit"! 

Improve self-confidence, body awareness, and fitness while enjoying a fun, inclusive group environment.

This program is not a watered-down version of the adult CrossFit classes, but a specialized program designed to meet the needs of growing kids exploring their capabilities. Through group warm-ups, workouts, and games geared toward kids of ALL fitness levels, our Kids Fit program will foster healthy development, socialization, and coordination, as well as build strength while strengthening neurological, cognitive, and motor skills.



Is Kids Fit right for my child? YES! Kids need to move in order to develop physically, but they also benefit from the intangible effects of movement. Participating with peers in physical activities stimulates their brains and helps them connect to the world around them in a way that staring at computer screens and sitting all day just can't.

This will complement any sport they love -- honing skills used in basketball, gymnastics, dance, soccer, etc. (read about how a whole-body conditioning program like Kids Fit can help prevent sports injuries)-- as well as to playing with their friends and siblings, or going for a hike with Mom and Dad. It is for the athlete as well as the introvert, for the able-bodied as well as those with physical challenges -- movements are able to be modified so there is ALWAYS something your child CAN do.

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About the coach: Steve Grant embody a powerful message: to be proud of who you are and celebrate your strengths while working to understand and push through weaknesses. He believes anything is possible through hard work and dedication, and wants kids to realize their potential through movement.

Program details: The Kids Fit program is open to children 10-14 years old. The programming will focus on play and socialization as well as proper expression of certain CrossFit movements in a fun, non-competitive environment. Our program is designed to complement ANY sports your child may participate in -- from gymnastics to soccer -- as well as a foster lifelong fitness or a potential future in CrossFit. Kids will be asked to work together and support one another, while also encouraging them to set individual fitness goals (such as climbing a rope, doing a pull-up, etc.).

  • Classes meet Two Times weekly on Tuesday & Thursday 4:00-5:00pm for Ages 10-14 

  • Class Limit 12 Kids.

NOTE: Parents are welcome to stay to support their kids, but we ask that they refrain from participating or interfering with class.

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