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The Ladies Only New Beginnings Teacher Challenge is a four week program designed to help you set and achieve your own fitness, diet and overall health goals in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

The Challenge requires a commitment to come to the gym three days a week, for four weeks and to follow a proven habit based nutrition coaching system. And we promise, in return you’ll achieve results you never thought possible. If you are not ready for a change and can’t make this commitment to us (and more importantly, to YOURSELF) this is not the right program for you.

It goes far beyond the physical changes. The strength and confidence gained in the Challenge will translate far beyond the walls of this gym.

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You do NOT need to be in shape to do CrossFit! CrossFit will get you in shape!!!

Many people think they need to get in shape before they try something new, especially something like CrossFit. But it is this style of working out (high intensity interval training) that will actually get you in shape the quickest!

You Won't Be Alone On This Journey!  

The New Beginnings classes are separate from the regular class schedule and will be full of women (women only!) on a journey similar to yours. We work with people of all ages and abilities. And we will teach you everything you need to know. Everyone will have a different starting point. Everyone will come in with different goals. And our job is to get each and every person on their own path to success.



Four weeks of group classes - 3 x's per week, Classes will be all ladies and dedicated to New Beginnings Challengers ONLY**
Detailed instruction and safe on-boarding for all key CrossFit movements
Fully guided and coached classes by a CrossFit coach
Proven habit based nutrition coaching "Precision Nutrition"
Zen Family Yoga - Instructed Class
Mobility/Movement Seminar by Dr Rob Bello from "Precision Upper Cervical"
Private FaceBook group for ongoing community and coaching support
Pre and post measurements (including photos, weight, body measurements and performance comparisons)
ALL for Only $150.00 ($299.00 Value)  No hidden fees.  No contracts. Only Your Commitment to Succeed!

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** Existing CrossFit Mahwah Members are not eligible to participate.

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