Nutrition seminar from 10am-noon — FREE for members!

ONE HOUR of Open Gym to follow (noon-1) for those die-hards who can’t stay away from the bar(bell). 😉

Come learn how to nourish your inner athlete! This two-hour seminar led by Nick Link, biology teacher and nutrition guru, will feature all the science-y information about how food behaves in your body, broken down in digestible bits for the common athlete. Topics to be covered include proper pre- and post-workout nutrition to help achieve your fitness goals, examples of healthy carbs and fats, the notorious gluten (as well as some other villains found in “food”), an introduction to the Paleo lifestyle, and the importance of sleep for recovery. A Q&A session will follow for those with inquiring minds who want to know more. Don’t miss this opportunity to get to know yourself on a cellular level!

PLUS, we will have some awesome sponsors contributing to our cause: ZICO coconut water, Perfect Foods Bar, and Raw Rev have generously offered refreshments to give a hands-on introduction to ideas for healthy snacks.

But wait, there’s more! Andy Lopez of Kettlebell Kitchen will be visiting with samples from his fresh meal delivery service, which is now delivering directly to the box — imagine a world of high-quality, delicious meals made with the freshest real-food ingredients that you didn’t have to cook delivered twice a week! YES!

The seminar is FREE for members, but open to all ($20 for non-members), so bring a friend or family member! 

Fuel well, feel well.



*Not a member and wondering if CrossFit is for you? Come take a FREE trial class, offered every Saturday at 930am!*

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