Personal Training  "One On One Personal Fitness Coaching"

If you love the One On One personal touch, then Personal Training is for you. Having a personal trainer can greatly increase your results, speed up the process of getting more fit, work on specific movements that you personally struggle with and improve these things significantly faster than in a group setting or on your own. Hi touch, VIP attention is the way to go.

Or you may want to be with a group, but are nervous about being the slowest or most out of shape, one on one attention can help you gain the confidence you are looking for to enter into that group setting.

Maybe you just are not a fit for group training? Intimidated about starting CrossFit group class.

Maybe you love the group but want to speed up your results on specific movements, like getting your first Pull Up, Muscle Up, or Handstand. Getting some one on one attention with Squatting, Benching, Deadlifting, or Olympic Lifting. Personal Training can help guide you to perform better in all areas.

At CrossFit Mahwah we have a great group of trainers that would love to work with individuals outside of group class to help you accomplish your goals. We have worked with all types of athletes and non-athletes to help them accomplish weight loss, performance and overall health goals.

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