Whew – we got worried there for a second…


After all, you’re the one – foretold by Sara and Michael from the Tuesday evening class – that would change it all.

They say that upon your arrival, the lights will shine twice as bright! That everyone will feel twice as strong as they did on their best day and the water fountains will flow with streams of sugar-free gatorade! They say the coaches will all wake up smiling and no one will make excuses to sleep in and miss their morning classes!

They say everything will change!


Not to put you under pressure or anything,

but we’re really hoping you’ll stop in.

After all, it’s the best way to get the stress out, bust the winter pounds, and get more energy.


Basic Membership – $165 / mo.


At the very least we’re probably worth checking out, wouldn’t you say? Just drop in for a free class and see if you like it. After all, who knows what could happen!