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Tuesday October 18, 2016
Dynamic Warm Up
– Inchworms, Butt kicks, Side Lunges, bear crawls…..
Tina *Est 1988* (Time)
Cash-in 28 Burpees
2 Rounds:
10 C2B Pull Ups
18 Front Squat 125/85 (Clean From Floor)
19 Sit-ups (Ab Mat)
88 DU

Cash-in 28 Burpees
2 Rounds:
10 Muscle-ups (Ring or Bar)
18 Front Squat 155/115  (Clean from Floor)
19 GHD Sit-ups
88 DU

Sub (C2B)
1st ChoicePull Up
2nd Choice Banded PU
3rd Choice Ring Rows
Single Unders (Double Reps)


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