Fitness Performance Competition
Lift 3 x 8/s Single Arm DB Bench Press 3 x 8/s Single Arm DB Bench Press
Accessory  3 x 10 Band Pull Aparts
3 x 10/s mini band steps
3 x 10 Back Extensions
WOD 4 Rounds

7 Hanging Leg Raises
20 Single Unders
20 Cal A/D

Rest 3 Min

4 Rounds

7 Toes To Bar
15 Double Unders
20 Cal A/D

Rest 3 Min

Goals  Lift: POP- Feet planted firmly on the floor, Butt down, shoulder blades on the bench. Use a weight that you can keep from rolling off the bench. Focus each rep, do not rush the movement.

Accessory: Take your time with each movement. Pull Aparts, keep your arms up at eye level and arms straight. Band Steps, can either crouch down or stand straight, do not let your feet close to each other. Back Ext. take your time with each rep, set up on the GHD.

WOD: 2 Minutes of work, 100% effort, keep form, relax and dont forget to breathe. Plenty of time to rest, maintain rounds and reps for each set, or score better each round. Push hard each round.

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