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Yoga – Sunday December 4th at 9AM at Zen Family Yoga!
Christmas Crippler Saturday December 17th!
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Fit: Shoulder Press (3×5 (Add 5-10lbs from last lift))
Wend: Shoulder Press (“Wendler Press 5-3-1+ 75%-85%-95%”)
Metcon (No Measure)
Every 3 Minutes for 15 Min:
RX+ 5 Muscle Ups (Ring or Bar)
RX 10 Strict Pull Up
10 Dips

Sub: Banded Pull ups (last 3 reps should be difficult)
Dips on Matador or Box, no ring dips
Metcon (Calories)
1:00 Max Cal Row
3 Attempts
1:30 Rest in Between Attempts


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