Have a safe and happy NYE celebration! We look forward to helping you reach and surpass all your fitness goals in 2014!


Plan ahead: Below is our holiday schedule for this week.

Today, 12/31: normal AM schedule; 530pm ONLY in afternoon
New Year’s Day: NO AM CLASSES; regular afternoon schedule
Thursday, 1/2: normal schedule
Friday, 1/3: normal schedule

Aero Oly Warm-up (Snatch)

2 Snatch Deadlift
2 High Hang Snatch
2 Snatch Balance
2 Overhead Squats
2 Sots Press/Klokov Press

OLY: Snatch (1×3 @ 75% 3×2 @ 80% 3×[email protected] 85%)


12 Minute Cap


Snatch 115/75#
Burpee Pull-up


Banded Overhead Distraction 2 minutes a side

Overhead with External Rotation Bias 2 minutes a side

Couch Stretch 2 minutes a side