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Angie McKay

How did you feel before starting CrossFit? Although I was working out before starting CrossFit I was inconsistent. The program I was doing did not

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Sylvia Rochester

I had a lack of energy and I difficulty falling asleep and waking up throughout the night. I wanted to gain some strength in my

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Tara Goldman

I always worked out. Whether it was a spin class, yoga, or strength bootcamp, you name the class, I tried it. I spent my 20s

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Nate Goldman

Before CrossFit I felt that I was not necessarily out of shape, but overall was not happy with how I looked. After a long winter

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Linda Maguire

How did you feel before starting CrossFit? I thought I was in OK shape, and I didn’t really have an exercise routine except walking or

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Becca Leong

How did you feel before starting CrossFit? Before CrossFit, I was usually pretty tired and not entirely comfortable in my body. I knew I could

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