Baby Goldman Day

Dynamic Warm Up (5 Minutes)

Coaches Choice

2 Sets of: (10 Minutes)
15 Romanian Deadlift (Stiff Leg) w/ Bar (Find Place to perform Deadlift)
10 High Hang Muscle Cleans w/ Bar (Fast Elbows)
5 Air Squats
EMOM 5 (5 Reps Every Minute On the Minute)
Deadlift @ 60%
5 Reps Each Minute

Linear or 60% of 1 Rep Max
Metcon (For Time) “New Benchmark”
25 Minute Time Cap
“Baby Goldman”
4 Rounds (Family of 4 To be – Due Date- 10/8/16)

Cash In – 400m Run w/ Med Ball 20/14

10 KB SwIngs RX+70/53 – RX 53/35
8 Power Cleans RX+155/115 – RX 135/95
16 Push Ups

Cash Out – 400m Run w/ Med Ball 20/14
Scaling Options
A. Russian KB Swings (eye level)
B. Hang Power Cleans
C. Push up from Knees
D. 200m Run w/ Med Ball
Half Of Everything

This WOD is designed to be “Uncomfortable” to represent the discomfort that comes with 9 months of pregnancy, especially near the end!

Take your time with the run, be careful. Preferably holding the ball in front of you….
If RX+ or RX, take your time with the Power Cleans, best to drop after each rep.
If you can cycle a few, keep your back tight and be patient with the 2nd pull.

Have Fun!