WOD – “Karen” 150 Wall Balls for time!

Fitness Performance Competition
Lift  3 x 8 Assisted Partner GHR’s
Accessory  3 x 10 Hip Extensions

15 Min


EMOM 15 Minutes

10 Wall balls Every Minute

“Half Karen” 75 Wall Balls


“Karen” 150 Wall Balls


Goals  Lift: Kneeling on the floor, your partner holds your feet down as you lean forward pivoting from your knees, use your arms to assist on the way down and way back up. 

Accessory: Tight Back- pivot at  the hips. Use the GHD

WOD: Karen is a burner- 150 Air Squats is the best way to think about this. Top in the world complete this in under 4 minutes. Keep your elbows up high and in tight, breathe in when the ball leaves your hands and let your arms relax for a split second. Get all the way down in the squat and use the pop at the bottom pushing your knees out to engage your glutes and hamstrings. HAVE FUN!!

Strategy- Break up into manageable sets, don’t put the ball down for more than 5-10 seconds, push through the discomfort. Its one movement, as fast as you can go!

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