1. How did you feel before starting CrossFit?

I thought I was in OK shape, and I didn’t really have an exercise routine except walking or that occasional gym class while living in NYC.  After moving to Mahwah, I was looking for a place to workout for months and came across CrossFit Mahwah, I think the perfect fit!


  1. What were your goals?

As a former smoker, I wanted a healthier lifestyle and maintain my current weight while avoiding injuries as I get older.


  1. What have you achieved during your journey?

More strength, mobility, and endurance with a better understanding of how it all works for me.


  1. What are you most proud of?

Well, I completed three CrossFit Open’s and I feel that 2019 has been my best one yet.  I also participated in my first Spartan Stadium race!  I totally surprised myself on my ability to complete this race and most of those crazy obstacles that I conquered.  I hope to participate in many more competitions and thank CrossFit Mahwah for everything, thanks to the coaches!


  1. What is your favorite part of the CrossFit Mahwah experience?

I call it my second home!  I love showing up and I’m always learning new things.  Most important to me are the friendships and the community as a whole!