Fitness Performance Competition
Accessory Single/Double Under practice
-Pike position
-On toes
-Wrist below Elbows
-Wrist infront of bodies
-Focus on not moving the elbows as much as moving the wrist to move the jump ropeThen4 Rounds Perf- 40 DU’s unbroken

Comp – 60 DU’s unbroken

3 x 15/s medball Russian Twists


6 Supine Bar Row
6 Box Dips
6 Sit Ups

12 Min AMRAP

6 C2B Pullups
6 Dips
6 GHD Sit ups to Parallel

 30 Ring Muscle Ups for time
Goals  Lift: No lift today

Accessory: The Single under and the Double under take PRACTICE. Practice the short hop, on your toes, very little knee bend. Practice the hop then tap your thighs with your hands when you leave the ground. Same thing with double under practice, tap thighs twice in between jumps

WOD: If you do not have Muscle ups, the other two workouts are accessory movements to help move you towards the muscle up.

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