Lift5 x 2 Hang Power Clean and Jerk

5 x 2 Clean and Jerk @ 85%

WOD10 Rounds For time

6 Ring Rows
6 Box Jumps
6 Burpees

10 Rounds for Time

6 Pullups, strict
6 Box Jumps, 24/20
6 Burpees to plate, 25

 10 Rounds for time

6 Pullups, Strict
6 Box Jumps, 30/24
6 Burpees to Plate, 25

Goals Lift: Work up to the 85% – Take 3-4 sets to get to that weight. then perform 5 sets of 2 at 85%. Focus on Full Hip extension, big jump and fast turnover, pulling yourself under the bar to a full squat. For the Jerk, reset the feet to “Power Position” (Underneath your hips.) weight on front rack, short dip and drive. Can be performed as a push jerk, or split jerk.

WOD: Classic Triplet with speed in mind. If you are performing Strict pullups, be sure to hold a Hollow body position and engage your shoulder girdle before Pulling to the bar. Keep the elbows back in order to engage the larger muscles in your back. Full grip on bar, wrap thumb.

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