Toy/Gift Card drive for FAFS extended Tuesday December 20th!
“La Forging Elite Fitness” – Baby shower WOD for Tara & Ricky Tuesday 12/20!
Yoga for CF Mahwah Sunday January 8th at 9AM!
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Shoulder Press (3×5 – add 5 lbs from last)
Shoulder Press (“Press 5-5-5+ 65%-75%-85% Wendler Max”)
No Scaling (18 Min Cap)
A.: Angie (Time)
100 pullups 
100 pushups 
100 situps 
100 air squats
Must be able to complete minimum 10 Strict Pull ups to complete as RX.
No Banded PU
Scale: Metcon (Time)
Angie (Broken Up) – 10 Rounds
10 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
10 Sit ups
10 Air Squats

Sub:Banded Pull ups, Jumping Pullups or Ring Rows
Sub: knee push ups

Not intended to be a long WOD