Press and WOD
10 Minutes:
Dynamic Warm UpThen 2 Rounds of:
Forearm Plank 30 Seconds
Bear Crawl (Length of Gym)
Wall Presses (10)
Then Strict Press Instruction and POP

Strict Press – 10 Rep Max (3 Attempts)

– Take From Rack
– Start with a light weight to warm up movement
“First set of 10 should be the easiest, a “gimme”
– Record Final Set

Shoulder Press (10 Rep Max “3 Attempts”)

7 Minute AMRAP

then Rest 3 Minutes
Score Total Reps
10 Reps Single Arm – DB S2OH – One arm at a time.
15 Bear Crawl
20 DU
 Scaling Options For Double Unders

40 Single Unders
40 Jump with Leg Tap

Choose a DB weight that allows you to cycle through the 10 reps for the entire amrap.
-Record total reps from both Amrap’s