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** The Role of Intensity in Your Training ————————————————————
Intensity is one of the core principles that lies at the heart of the Crossfit training methodology. Author: Claudia Espirito-Santo ( 7 months ago
Intensity in Physics refers to the power transferred per unit of area. Applied to CrossFit, it’s so much more. In CrossFit Intensity transports itself from the realm of physics to the physical output and emotional journey that entwines a magnitude of energy with the extraordinary feeling of conquest that comes with the resilience a CrossFitter naturally develops.
Simply put, when we talk about intensity in CrossFit, the physical aspect where we train within and beyond our capacity is only scraping the surface of the real journey that happens to every CrossFitter. Because intensity isn’t just about all we can do within our abilities, it’s also about everything we feel when we exert ourselves and have the opportunity of sharing this feeling with our training partners and accomplices on this journey only those who undertake, actually understand.
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